October 19, 2022 05:30 PM - 08:00 PM(Europe/London)

The Conference Service Project is an extracurricular activity for those who might be interested in giving back to the local community.

Refuweegee was established in December 2015 to provide a warm welcome to forcibly displaced people arriving in Glasgow. As a result of the amazing response from people in Glasgow and beyond, we have provided over 10,000 community-built, personal welcome packs and emergency support packs to people all over Glasgow and across Scotland. Our aim is to enable the existing community in extending the friendly welcome that Glasgow is world renowned for. We do this through our welcome packs, our events and our volunteer opportunities. Refuweegee is a registered charity (Scottish Charity Number SC046843)

How Can I Get Involved?

Bring an Item to Donate (open to all attendees)
Attendees are encouraged to bring a material item that will become part of a Refuweegee welcome and essentials pack, providing an initial gesture of kindness to refugees arriving in Scotland. The Refuweegee website provides an updated list of items that are needed (as well as items that cannot be accepted). The list of needed items is updated seasonally, so be sure to check the list a few weeks before you pack for the conference. The site also includes an Amazon wish list. Items for donation will be collected at the conference registration table.

Volunteer In Person at Refuweegee (limited to 10 volunteers)
Travel to Refuweegee to work alongside other volunteers in the shop, in the stock room looking for items people need, or making up food and toy bundles.

Interested in Volunteering?

When:  Wednesday, October 19, 5:30-8:00pm

Where: Refuweegee is located at 249 W George St, a 5-10 minute walk or very short taxi ride from the conference hotel. TAICEP will coordinate travel as a group to and from Refuweegee. Volunteers are asked to cover the cost of their own transportation, if necessary.

How: Submit your name and a brief (maximum 10 sentences) introduction about yourself and your interest in this volunteer opportunity via email to the Service Project Coordinator, Susan Whipple (swhipple@SpanTran.com) no later than October 1st. In the event that requests outweigh the number of spots available, our goal will be to select a balanced representation across regions and organizations. We recognize that many people, including family members who join conference attendees (but don't attend the conference), may be interested in volunteering. Priority will be given to TAICEP conference registrants, with family members placed on a "wait list". Refuweegee does welcome child volunteers, aged 14 and older who are accompanied by a parent or guardian. If you (or family members) aren't able to participate you can still support the mission of Refuweegee and the vital work they do. Please see above for information about supporting Refuweegee.

All questions are welcome and should be directed to Susan Whipple (swhipple@SpanTran.com).

TAICEP is not an official sponsor of this volunteer opportunity and assumes no liability for participants or endorsement.

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